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Stairway to Heaven Highway to Hell Stairway to Heaven Highway to Hell

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

well it does what it says xD

Lizard Man Lizard Man

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Nice idea, nice graphics, a lot of glitches, i have no idea what makes me double jump... You need to go more slowly and teach the player to do what he needs, the double jump is a key in the game to keep the player captured, also is not nice to be trapped in my closed eyes wall, it looks like a bug unless that allows me to do something. Anyway it was decepting that the objective is to stop moving xD nice wokr

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UrnSudden responds:

I had a lot of trouble with placing the character in each level because the tilemap for the platforming bits was to be above the character (Unfortunately I hadn't found out about selecting individual layers and the preference to be unable to select elements of separate layers until the latter half of level design), so I temporarily set it below the character, and by the end of it, whenever I'd place the character back in the layer below the platform's tilemap, the character would be invisible at all times :/
I wasn't even sure if I'd be able to solve the problem without adding another layer--Which I couldn't because I'd had too many layers at that point (If I'd come into it with a plan laid out I probably would've been able to do it, lol)
So I'd left the character in the layer above it, leaving it looking unpolished. Blah
I definitely should've made more of a tutorial-esque level set though. Thanks for the review :D

Wrench Wrench

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Pretty nice graphics!! the game have a lot of bugs specially when monsters chease you and you are in a ladder. The story gets intresting in the big picture, but i don't feel doing something actually, just going from one point to the other.

Youthgse responds:

thanks for your review. the story... well it's up to players to think about, the drawn animation is just to get the correct mood ))), more to say there is no actual outro (will be... someday) even in full version of the game on google play. "Going from one point to the other" - yes, i've wanted the levels to be maze-like, find a switch, find a door, find a key, find the exit. Remember the player is in a nightmare or dead already )))
One reviewer form RGI (group found in vk) wrote "i think that Wrench world is the players purgatory". So he got his own story imagined (pretty close to what i've been trying to make) and "going from one point to the other" trying to escape, made sense for him. Anyway it's not a AAA game (yet)))) ) that really needs serious story and i'm not a pro developer (that's my first game). But i'm very happy with all the feedback given to my game here.